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WFJ Series Turbo Type Pulverizer
WFJ Series Turbo Type Pulverizer
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Main Applications
The dyadic WFJ type turbine pulverizer is that my company studies but is accomplished according home and abroad advanced technology. That machine applies to low hardness material comminution such as chemical industry, dyestuff pigment, coating material, pesticide, food, ceramics, metalloid ore broadly. Be machine's turn to have structure compactly reasonableness , volume are small, energy consumption is low, efficiency is high, drive is stable, noise is small, hermetic sealing is reliable, the refrigeration function is easy to assemble the characteristic keeping compiling, changing the document easy to deride to go to the lavatory so on easy to dismantle convenient, easy in repair. Mainly, from the machine shell, machine, the door, turbine, components such as chief axis, screen mesh are composed of that machine. When operation, the electric motor spurs the chief axis and turbine vertiginate on. That the turbine and screen mesh enclose toothed plate being composed of reasonableness, structure tightens a tally, uses the material entering a machine, rapid and intense friction and intense impingement arrive at the turbine blade inner nearby in wanting revolution air current, abrades and once again in the gap between blade and mill piece. In the process of this, the turbine has sucked large amount of air in, batch the purpose having arrived at the machine, abrasive cooling down, having transmitted thin power. That material crushes thin degree depends on the material character and screen mesh dimension, material and the air passing expect that and. Axle bearing location pretends to have unique maze hermetic sealing, effective foreclosure dust enters, life time having prolonged axle bearing. Pretend to have two to say that type rubber soli seals off a circle, there is no dust contaminating within machine.

Main Technical Specifications

Model WFJ200 WFJ300 WFJ400
Rotator diameter 200 300 400
Electric motor power (KW) 4 7.5 11
Turbine rotation rate (r/min) 5000 4500 3800
Power pulls this degree (mesh) 20-200 20-200 20-200
Output (kg/h) 10-100 30-300 50-500
Weight (kg) 150 570 600
Power wind machine (kw) 0.75 1.5 2.2

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