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WFJ Series Micro Pulverizer
WFJ Series Micro Pulverizer
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Main Applications
This machine charges box three parts composition from the lead plane , auxiliary engine, electricity, has ground less various functions such as choosing style, there being no the net, size homogeneously. Procedure of production continues being in progress. Be machine's turn to reach advanced international level, the material applying to industry such as pharmacy, chemical industry, food broadly smashes

Working Principle
Material crushes a room from expecting that the door enters after the auger gatherer, the bit by vertiginate shears comminution, enter the whirlwind separator, the dyadic dust catcher of bag by the fact that the method that negative oressure wind transports transports material, the dust discharging material reclaims from dust absorption box after sac fliteration., there be no due=st Feiyang in the process living, can improve the material utilization ration, reduce business cost and.

Main Technical Specifications

Model WFJ-15 WFJ-20 WFJ-30 WFJ-60
Production Capacity (kg/h) 30-200 50-300 30-800 50-1200
Feeding Size(mm) Φ10 Φ12 Φ15 Φ20
Output Siz(mesh) 80-320 80-320 80-320 80-320
Total Power (KW) 13.5 17.5 46 84.15
Main Speed(r/min)  6000  4800  3800  2800
Overall Size (mm)
4200*1200*2700 4700*1250*2900 6640*1300*3960 7500*2300*4530
Weight (kg) 980 1300 1500 3200

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