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RGY6*15F Soft Gel Encapsulating Machine
RGY6*15F Soft Gel Encapsulating Machine
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Model RGY15F Soft Gel encapsulation machine is a new model developed by us in 2001. The machine consolidated the features and production technology of the soft gels, it is designed fully in compliance with GMP, using the newest technologies and materials. The power needed for the machine is 220V, in one phase. It is mainly dedicated to laboratories and pharmaceutical research institutions for development or pilot production of soft gel products.
The machine adopts a number of technologies for automatics control, resulting in being easy to operate, stable in performance and reliable in operation. The whole machine adopts optimal design, with complete functions and compact structure. The set of the equipment consists of one main machine with control system, one drying machine, one vacuum stirring tank VMP-60,one set of die roller and one mobile platform. The complete unit adopts selected materials, in complete compliance with the GMP requirements. It is applicable to many industries such as pharmaceuticals, foodstuff and cosmetics.

Main Technical Specifications

Main machine Item Parameter
Type of contents to be encapsulated Liquid, paste
Dimension of the die roller Φ64*100mm
Rotary speed of the die roller 0-4 rpm Step-less variation of speed
Volume of liquid supply by means the single pillar 0-1.5ml
Precision of loading in the finished products of gels +/-2%
Power of the main motor 0.55KW
System of the power supply AC220V 50Hz
Power consumption 1.5KW
Overall dimension 620*660*1310mm
Weight ~400kg
Mobile platform Overall dimension 1200*750*450mm
Vacuum stirring tank
Internal volume of the tank 60L
Heating power 1.5KW AC220V
Power of the stirring motor 90W AC220V
Stirring speed 21.6 r/min
Permissible pressure inside the rank -0.09 Mpa ~ +0.06 Mpa
Overall dimension Φ500*1000 mm
Weight ~50kg
Drying machine Dimension of the drying cage Φ320*450 mm
Rotary speed of the drying cage 16 rpm
Power of the motor 90W AC220V
System of power supply AC220V 50Hz
Overall dimension 500*400*700 mm
Weight ~70kg

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