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JTJ-100A Semi Automatic Capsule Filling Machine
JTJ-100A Semi Automatic Capsule Filling Machine
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JTJ-100A semi-automatic capsule filling machine is the normal equipment in pharmaceutical industry used for filling powder, qranule into hard capsules. This machine adopt control of combination of electric and pneumatic and has electric atomatic counting device. With manual help.
It is earier to operate the action of capsule distribution, separation, filling ciosure separately.


Operation earier and safeth
Feeding and filling adopt frequency conversion stepless speed change.
The filled capsule has no weight deviation.
Automatic counting and setting program and running.

Main Technical Specifications

Model JTJ-100A
Production rate 1-25000 pcs/h
Applicable capsules Hard capsules (No.0,2,3)
Total power 2.2KW
Power supply 380V/50Hz 220V/50Hz Three-phase four-wire
Overall size 1500*750*1600 mm
Weight 330 kg

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