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SHJ Series Double Helix Taper Mixer
SHJ Series Double Helix Taper Mixer
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This mixer is a kind of high-efficient and high-precise one that is widely applied by the industries of pharmacy. Chemical, and fodder for the mixing of power material, specially for the mixing of the power materials with great dispsrity in its specific or in its mixing proportion.

he rotation and revolution of the mixer is controlled by a set of motors and the cycloidal pimwheel reduction device. The mixer has the features of quick mixing and wide milling.

Main Technical Specifications

Model Capacity (kg/time) Total Volume (m3) Loading coefficient (mesh) Loosen density Material granularity (mesh)
SHJ200 100 0.2 0.6 ~0.8 20-250
SHJ500 250 0.5 0.6 ~0.8 20-250
SHJ1000 450 1 0.6 ~0.8 20-250
SHJ2000 900 2 0.6 ~0.8 20-250
SHJ4000 1800 4 0.6 ~0.8 20-250


Model Power (KW) Mixing time (min) Overall Size (mm) Weight (kg)
SHJ200 2.2 6-10 Φ890*1850 600
SHJ500 2.2 6-10 Φ1160*2250 800
SHJ1000 4 8-10 Φ1450*2700 1200
SHJ2000 5.5 8-10 Φ1850*3450 1800
SHJ4000 1.1 8-10 Φ2260*4210 3000

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