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GFG Series Efficient Boiling Dryer
GFG Series Efficient Boiling Dryer
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This machine is applicable to industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals and foodstuff for drying granular materials.
The working principle: upon purified and heated, the air is introduced through the air inlet. lt will pass through the screening plate at the bottom of the hopper. In the hopper, the materials that have been stirred will tumble under the action of the air currents flowing at a high speed with the water content to be evaporated and brought away and materials dried fast.
The features: rapid drying, uniform heating, non contaminated air due to filtering and operated in enclosed environment. Fluid bed is round structure, eliminating any dead corner. Stirring is provided in the hopper to prevent the wet materials from coagulation and lumping during drying operation. Overturning is adopted for discharge, facilitating fast and thorough discharge. The machine comes with PLC control and touch screen panel. It is for operation and cleaning. This machine is in compliance with GMP requirements.

Main Technical Specifications

Model GFG40A GFG80A GFG120A GFG160A
Maximum capacity (kg) 40 80 120 160
Temperatuer of inlet air () 50-1000 50-1000 50-1000 50-1000
Pressure of the compressed air (Mpa) >=0.4 >=0.5 >=0.5 >=0.5
Flow of the blower (m3/h) 2062 3488 3488 5153
Power of the blower (KW/V) 4/380 11/380 11/380 18.5/380
Power of the motor for the stirrer (KW/V) 0.35/380 0.55/380 0.75/380 1/380
Rotary speed of the stirrer (r/m) 8 11 11 11
Heating mode Steam Pressure (Mpa) >=0.4 >=0.4 >=0.4 >=0.4
Consumption (kg/h) 120 160 160 160
Electricity (KW) 15 30 40 60
Height of the main machine (mm) 1800 2300 2800 3200

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