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CFQ Series Deduster
CFQ Series Deduster
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The CFQ-300 Deduster is an auxiliary mechanism of High Tablet Press to remove some powder

stuck on surface of tablets in pressing process.
It is also equipment for conveying tablets, lump drugs, or granules with dustlessness, and

can be suitable for joining with an absorber or a blower as a vacuum cleaner, with its high

efficiency, better dust-free effect, lower noise, and easy maintenance.
The CFQ-300 Deduster is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food industry, etc.

Main Technical Specifications

Model 300 380
Output (pc/h) 550000 800000
Max. nosie (dB) <82 <82
Dust scope (m) 3 3
Atmo spheric pressure (Mpa) 0.2 0.2
Power supply (V/Hz) 220/110 50/60 220/110 50/60
Overall size (mm) 410*410*880 510*510*880
Weight (kg) 34 62

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