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DSHJ-2 multi-functional rotary tablet-counting filling machine
DSHJ-2 multi-functional rotary tablet-counting filling machine
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The main purpose of the machine

1.The machine is suitable for a variety sugar coating machine with diameter 5-12, white tablets, cod liver oil tablets, and various amounts of bottled requirements can be carried out automatically a few pieces filling.
2. The machine's working principle
this machine is automatic tablet filling machine. Some specifications pills poured into the funnel through tablet -counting plate, fill into the bottles of the thought bottle track , the role of spin the bottle tray bottle into orbit by pushing the bottle the slippery body will be filled with pills bottle sent orbit into the next process, push the bottle is the role of mountain notification.
3. The main technical parameters
Motive power: 0.8 kW two-phase
The platter speed: 6 rev / min
several pieces of plate inclination: 40'left and right

Efficiency and platter partner

1.tablet diameter 5-7 bottled 100 pc counting platter to fourth gear. Efficiency: 2880 bottles /h .288 000 pc/h.
2. Tablet diameter up 8 bottled 100 pc, the number of the counting disk is third gear, work efficiency: 2160 bottles /h 216000 pc/h
Bottled 1000 pc, 500pc for each counting disc, double-headed completed film advance work efficiency; 360 bottles /h 360 000pc / hour

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