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LP100-C automatic bottle disposition machine
LP100-C automatic bottle disposition machine
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The main purpose

The LP100C automatic box-type Unscrambler, for the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries bottle packaging linked production line plastic bottles automatic bottle on the bottle, and with the number of the machine, plug machine, capping machine, aluminum foil sealing machine, sticker labeling machines and other equipment quilt. Replacing the previous manual operation, to make it fully compliant with GMP standard
It mainly consists of the hopper the Unscrambler plate, the curve turned bottle institutions; the bottles join hopper, the manager the bottles rotate finishing the bottle upright into the bottles one by one guide groove. Ordered is sent to the next process on the conveyor belt. The machine is adapting to different production speed speed governor.
Should pay attention to:

1 the same flower intraday bottles of different sizes, you will also need to adjust the outer rail and adjust the nail
2 bottles of different sizes in the same basket, the faceplate need to adjust up and down top nails, the bottle below faceplate plane 3-5mm, as well as adjust stopped bottle lever, so that in the  faceplate middle slot free movement
3 different specifications of the faceplate, you need to adjust the inner rail, so that the rail arc line within groove bottom line than the faceplate bottles exposed 3-5mm adjust the outer rail and adjust the Romans nail
4.Adjust turn bottle plate so sharp corners is indeed a good kiss on the inner rail
5 out of the bottle number of adjustable faceplate speed
6 bottle stored in the bottle bucket plus the amount does not exceed sideboard (wind impeller) is appropriate
Bottle specification
Production capacity
Overall size

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