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FL-4000 Electromagnetic induction aluminum foil sealing machine
FL-4000 Electromagnetic induction aluminum foil sealing machine
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Composite electromagnetic induction sealing technology is internationally recognized contemporary advanced sealed packaging has become increasingly widely used for high-quality, hermetically sealed in pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, pesticides, chemical products and other bottled products,. FL-4000 type continuous aluminum foil sealing machine introduce latest induction heating control technology and processes, adopt the state-of-the-art high-power effect transistor modules, high-frequency switching power supply technology, PLL technology and digital technology, has made significant improvements .miniaturization, high stability, high efficiency .

How it works:
Under the effect of high frequency electromagnetic field, hermetically sealed. Aluminum foil get a huge eddy and heat rapidly, melting aluminum foil lower adhesive film and adhesive with the bottle, so as to achieve the purpose of rapid non-contact,

The main power components and sensors installed in the large radiator, and the using forced air cooling. .Conveyor adopt variable speed, and has no aluminum foil is removed and count (removed and yield count) of device on the conveyor.

The main technical parameters

Input power: 220 15%, 50/60HZ
Input Current: Static less than or equal to 5A, dynamic less than or equal to 16A
Output power: Adjustable, 4kw MAX
Output waveform: sine wave ,80-100khz
Enclosure protection class: IP21
Reference Sealing speed :200-350 bottles / min (testing by polyethylene with bottle mould ¢ 34mm, 40mm bottle body)
Heating head sealing diameter
Conventional type (S-type) ¢ 20-80mm

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