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BGJ-III automatic frequency high speed Screw cover machine
BGJ-III automatic frequency high speed Screw cover machine
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One: Overview
BGJ-III high-speed capping machine is our company's a new generation of capping equipment design and make for tablet production line matching and automatic capping process ,it is different from the previous batch capping machine, to overcome intermittent Capping Machine spin straight into the bottle with a slow speed cover cap is not tight and scope shortcomings, the design of the machine adopt new technology contain ,linear type enter bottle and in the off the cover design use the industry's most state-of-the-art rotary device off the cover to avoid the noise of the shock cover, and the yield has greatly improved

Second: How it works
put the capping bottles which need Screw cover On chain board at the inlet port of the machine the device at the inlet chain (or from other pipeline directly send to the chain board), the bottle is divided into equally spaced enter off the cover region by pitch device, automatically cap sleeve when the bottle moved forward automatically when the bottle fasten by the two side clip bottle device.capping device press cap to the preload state before screw cover, in the three high-speed rotation of the wear-resistant rubber wheel under the action of the cap tightly spin the bottle, in the capping process, contact the bottle and cap are non-metallic parts, to minimize the wear and tear on the bottle and cap the whole capping process only a moment, low noise and high speed . The machine configuration auto-cover device for state-of-the-art rotary grounds cover and continuous off the cover, overcome before such Capping co-exist shortcomings .

Third: the technical performance
1 bottle Specifications: ¢ 30-120mm
2 caps Specifications: ¢ 20-50mm
3 Screw speed: 50-150 bottles / min
4 Total Power: 1300w Voltage: 220v, frequency: 50-60HZ
5 Dimensions: 1800 * 700 * 1850mm
6 Total Weight: 850kg

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